A brief summary of our ethics:

  • Our respondents are chosen randomly based upon the mentioned data above and we follow all ethical guidelines in our proposal.
  • PCPO applies the scientific method in their research and this is seen through the methodology, sampling, data processing and data analysis.
  • PCPO is a reputable company since 1994 and has completed several polls, surveys and market research and thus this gives us the benefit of being trusted in the community, while also respecting our respondent’s confidentiality.
  • Our researchers always inform during the beginning of the survey our respondents that the data we collect is solely for statistical purposes and their personal opinions are not in any way used or published nor given to any party whoever they may be. Our Researchers respect the privacy for the information they collect.
  • Respondents are always briefed on the studies and their purposes, informing them that the goal of the research is to further help build a democratic country, where people are able to voice their opinions without any repercussions.
  • PCPO is glad to say that in their 20 years of business there have never been any obstacles in collecting data from the respondents and our work is done through the consent of our respondents and we fully respect those who are unwilling to participate or cooperate in the survey.

Ethics protocol is guarantee by our membership in ESOMAR as we abide by all its rules regarding this subject.

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