Since its foundation, PCPO is dedicated to the following activities:

  • Conducting public opinion surveys.
  • Omnibus polls and services.
  • Market studies on all kinds of trading activities.
  • Surveys of consumer attitudes, consumption habits, and market shares.
  • Pre- and Post-Advertising and Communication Research
  • Pricing.
  • Focus group sessions and workshops on various topics.
  • Rendering services in the field of investment, including feasibility studies.
  • In-depth interviews & brainstorming workshops.
  • Branding and brand tracking.
  • Customer care research.
  • Social and Public Space research.
  • Household consumer survey.
  • Business – to- business survey.
  • Market Appraisal Studies.
  • Media Research.
  • Usage and Attitude.
  • Panel discussions, e.g. pre-and post-election surveys.
  • Trend surveys, e.g. polit -barometers and welfare surveys.
  • Translation services from Arabic into English, German & Hebrew and vice-versa.
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