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Dr. Nabil Kukali


Founder and president of the PCPO


PCPO, one of Palestinian's leading research institutions, was established back in 1994 as a private institution. The institution specializes in supporting major decision makers in the public, private and third sector organizations, with vital information through the collection and analysis of data, based upon surveys and other quantitative and qualitative research methods. We have over 20 years of experience in working with clients in the media, government and NGOs on opinion research projects of all descriptions.


PCPO is working with an array of clients that require high quality social science research. These clients include government agencies, charitable foundations with an interest in program evaluation and policy research, as well as private sector organizations requiring support in designing and conducting surveys or other forms of data collection. In working with all these clients, PCPO maintains its mission of conducting research in the public interest.


For all this, we provide high quality, accurate fieldwork with a professional, flexible approach and at high competitive prices. We are able to provide fast turnaround on extremely short notice projects. We understand the need for high quality data delivered to tight deadlines and provide guidance and recommendations on the implications of the research aiming to keep our promises and commitments towards our clients. We do our best as to avoid any disappointment, embarrassment or frustration.






November 2015

In your opinion, a resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is:

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22 December 2015 Poll No. 201

  The status quo of the conflict




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