About Us

The Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) is a leading full service research institute in Palestine and in a position to organize, implement, handle and conduct national and regional field surveys, studies and researches of any size within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The PCPO is founded in February 1994 in Beit Sahour by Dr. Nabil Kukali, who became the president of this center since that time. After the arrival of the Palestinian Authority (PA), the PCPO was registered as a research center under license number (Am/2). The Palestinian Ministry of information issued the license that permits establishing satellite offices elsewhere in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Furthermore, PCPO is registered as a licensed business at the Ministry of Treasury under number 989326251. In addition, we are a member of WIN/Gallup International, ANPOP, WAPOR and ESOMAR.

PCPO is no more a local name, but an international one that in the last 20 years managed through the deep knowledge and experience to extend its limits to cover, supervise, and control public opinion polls, market researches and projects in other Arab countries such as Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, and Algeria, as well as Israel. Furthermore, we are commissioned by well-known international companies, institutions, corporations and associations like Gallup International Association, InterMedia, Princeton Survey Research Associates International, AED, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp (BVSPC), and MWH. Add thereto, we have implemented in the past for many other international companies, institutions and associations a wide spectrum of studies, polls, marketing researches, feasibility studies that we have all successfully completed.

Many of the prominent names that we are proud of to cooperate with in many time-series long-term projects (whether quarterly, semiannually or annually) are the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland, the WorldPublicOpinion.org, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Aljazeera Net and TV, Meranda, Researchone, Reach, ENPI barometer platform, TNS opinion, USAID Red Cross, and WIN/Gallup International.

PCPO is not a mere slogan, but a solid reality, and a name for reliability, credibility, competence and experience not only in Palestine, but all over the world.

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