Poll No. 205

Welcome to the results of the attached Poll No. 205, which focus mainly on the decision of the Palestinian Authority terminating the security and civil coordination with Israel that was working for about three decades, and that in response to the intention of the new Israeli government to annex about 30 % of the area of the West Bank with full support of the US administration. The Palestinian people, in this poll, expressed in many aspects their concerns and worries about the future ramifications and repercussions of such a move. Add thereto their extreme hardship resulting from the spread of Corona virus(COVID-19). It’s worthy to have a look to it.

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Dr. Nabil Kukali
President & Founder of (PCPO)


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Poll No. 203

Welcome to the results of the attached Poll No. 203, which focus mainly on the opinion of the Palestinians about the “peace plan” of the US President Donald Trump, which has been praised by him as “Deal of the Century”, but however ironically described by the Palestinian President as “Slap of the Century”.

The issue of this poll coincides with the 26th anniversary of establishing our Palestinian Center for Public Opinion. Over a quarter of a century of dedicated research work on all kinds of studies and polls about all aspects of daily life. PCPO  is now a name not only in Palestine, as we are now member of globally well-renowned research and polling institutions all over the world. So we are very happy to have you a permanent visitor of our website, and would very much appreciate any comment or contribution from your side.


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Poll No. 202

The latest poll on the Palestinian public opinion, prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali, revealed the following key results:

  • (70.0%) of the Palestinians – to various degrees - don’t trust Benjamin Netanyahu and his commitment to the two-state solution.
  • (53.5%) oppose the return to the direct negotiations with the Israelis after their denial of the French Initiative.
  • (51.1%) are pessimistic about achieving reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas.
  • (33.5%) support the stance of the Palestinian Authority on the French Initiative.


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